Who Do We Think We Are?


I made a friend today. He didn’t have a name, only a number. 427. He couldn’t tell me how miserable he was but you could see that he wasn’t happy. I wanted nothing more than to fork over some cash to that animal farmer and take 427 far away from his life as a captive animal. What breaks my heart is knowing that I can’t save them all.

You know that moment in a movie when the antagonist realizes that they’re not who they thought they were and they’re actually the cause of a huge mistake (typically one that resulted in death)? Sometimes I feel like the human race needs that kind of wake-up-call.

When you really sit down and think about it, when you think about what it is that we’re doing to this planet and the animals that live here with us, you might wonder why it is that we do the things we do. I’m well aware that the process of evolution has led us to where we are for a reason. I’m sure capturing, enslaving, and murdering animals to eat and take advantage of their labor was very integral to the growth of the human race. But my question now is, why are we still doing this? We have more cost, time, and energy efficient ways to survive. It’s 2016 for crying out loud!

Children are not born into this world knowing violence and carnivorism. That is something we decide to teach them and, as an intelligent species, it’s not so far fetched that we would make the decision to just not teach them that anymore.

Change begins with us.


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